Best Data recovery software for windows 10

There are various reasons for data loss like in a hard drive there are lots of moving part and every mechanical part has its fixed life after that time those parts not work properly in such case get a major data failure another reason can be a system failure and virus affect on the data in such case our data is more important to us and that time we need data recovery.  The best software, in my opinion, is a mini tool power data recovery
In this software, there are various options available

  1. Undeleted recovery 
  1. Lost partition recovery 
  1. Damaged partition recovery
  1. Digital Media recovery 
  1. CD/DVD recovery or bootable CD/DVD recovery

To use this software Click Here and download the software from the official site then install it in your PC and open the software Then 

Step 1. Select the issue of your data loss then.                 

Step 2. Choose your drive for recovery.

Step 3. Then select a full scene this process takes more time depending on your drive size.

Step 4. Then select the file you want to recover.

Step 5. Save that file on another drive you can't save the file at the same drive that you going to recover this software comes with 1GB free data recovery. 


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