Create a gmail account

Gmail is very important. If you have a mobile Android, if you want to use any Google application, you need to have a Gmail account, such as google map, google drive, google photos, youtube, google play store.  You need to be able to use all these applications with one gmail account, so let me tell you how to create your own gmail account.

 To create a Gmail account, you need a mobile number. To create a gmail account, first go to google: type gmail and share it. After that, a form will appear on your screen. In that form, there is an option to create a new account. If you have an old gmail account,  Sign in with your old Gmail address.

 Then a new form will appear in which you have to select your first name, your last name, your preferred gmail address, then enter the password and fill the form.

 Then another form will come up. First you have to enter your mobile number, then you have to enter a recovery gmail. If there is then you have to enter your date of birth, At last  select your gender and submit the form.

 Then a new form will appear in which you have to enter the OTP number wchich recieved from form google on your mobile number.

 And finally a form will come up with some information on what you can do with your gmail account and then Yes I'm In.
And your gmail account is ready.


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