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The most popular company Microsoft introducing their latest operating system Windows 11 , Windows 10 is the second most popular operating system after Windows XP in the past Windows 10 is big success.but there are some issue in Windows 10 company try to resolve this issue by giving updates but operating system becomes buggy and reduce performance.
 In the latest windows 11 Microsoft put new features and it is way better than other Windows the latest windows 11,  strengthen the PC and laptop ata a same time improve for mobile and tablet devices that means now you can use Windows 11, on mobile and tablets. for PC users success of Windows 7 and Windows 10 due to improve functionality on start menu .
11 windows improved features

Windows has always been generous. Windows 11 has three assistants older operating systems aboard problematic situations: Device and Task Manager and File Explorer. You can troubleshoot driver through Device Manager. Former users of Windows 7 are content with greater options: For example, Device Manager commands for displaying works of ghost drive without any problems - since Windows 11 the case. Microsoft has presented an analysis of graphics processing load - unknown to Windows 11 users. New for Windows 7 and 11 users is the Quick Launch area in the File Browser (File Manager): This folders and files show frequent use recently used at startup. Innovative - but many find it easier to see the overview of unity.
Windows 11 can be found now at 8 million devices and Microsoft is constantly tweaking your operating system. The next major update is to appear at the end of November, also named "November update" correctly. This update contains many useful features that should make daily life easier, as well as performance enhancements and security. Not every new feature is immediately recognizable as such - the future zone summarizes the best newcomers "hidden".
  • Windows sandbox:
  • light surface:
  • ordinate search:
  • Biometric logon to the web:
  • Brightness remains the same:
  • More silence:
  • The cursor becomes colorful:
  • Less memory:
  • Access to files Linux:
  • touch keyboard is more accurate returns:
  • The little things:
  • Changes in the start menu:
  • Changes in the start menu:
  • Microsoft separates Cortana Search:
  • Updates can pause:
  • Error screen solution demonstrations:
  • feature "sandbox" is introduced:
With new Sandbox, Windows 11 will be able to create virtual environments in which unknown software can be executed safely at to press a button-less in the Pro and Enterprise versions. In this way, users must be able to or functions safely try out software whose are not known origin. Once the application is closed, all the remains will be removed. The software cannot access the main system.

light surface:

May update includes a new "Light theme" which causes the surface of the lightest operating system of Microsoft and now all application icons that were once white are now black. So the remains of contrast. However, the user can also determine whether only certain areas of the operating system or applications selected to be displayed with a dark or light design.

ordinate search:

Search and Cortana are separated from each other, so the voice assistant is only activated when called. In the search bar, however, you focus on the essential: the search. Clicking on the text field opens search results revised in open applications and documents most frequently used recently shown without input. You can also filter by file type.

Biometric logon to the web:

Windows 11 is now compatible with the standard FIDO2 recently adopted whichincludes WebAuthn, among others. This allows the use of biometric sensors on the webpages. If you have a device with a sensor Windows Hi, you can also be used to connect to a website in the future. However, thesemust officially support the new standard. a compatible browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge) is also required.

Brightness remains the same:

For Windows 11 is no longer differentiate between battery operation and network if you manually set the brightness. So far, the system the operating has always reduced the brightness as soon as unplugged to save battery power. This was particularly annoying if you want to continue or not the use of the screen under the same conditions.

More silence:

Function "helps focus" is intended for help you concentrate better and therefore hides notifications on request. The feature, called "assistant notification" in German, has been part of Windows for nearly a year. Previously, you had to enable manual or based function over time, as it can also be activated automatically for applications in full-screen mode and games.

The cursor becomes colorful:

The mouse cursor can now do even more diverse. Until now, you could only choose the size at different levels and choose between black and white. In the future, cursor can be inflated to absurd sizes and displayed in many different colors. What may seem strange at the beginning it can be a significant relief in everyday life, especially for people with visual disabilities.

Less memory:

It is unclear whether this feature can actually be seen as a "feature". Windows 11 is reserved about seven gigabytes of memory in the unit, depending on the size of the disk. According to Microsoft, this memory is required, so that Windows critical updates can always be downloaded without loss of performance. Reserved memory varies depending on the size of the disk and installed features. Those who have installed more optional features and additional data, eg for more languages, they also have to accept the reserved memory.

Access to files Linux:

Anyone who uses Windows sub system for Linux (WSL) will be able to access files from the Linux system directly from File Explorer or other Windows programs. So far, this was only possible in the other direction (Windows files from Linux distribution) or through the shell of Linux.

touch keyboard is more accurate returns:

The keyboard works best on touch screen devices. The keyboard now also recognizes an entry if the key is not pressed accurately. The touch pad should react more accurately, especially writing quickly. According to Microsoft, however, controlled by IA AutoCorrect is still running in the background, automatically it corrects incorrect entries.

The little things:

Practical for frequent travelers: Time can be synchronized manually with a time server. All you have to do is press a button in the configuration. Indicates notepad notes with an asterisk (*) in the title edited a file has not been saved. Bar game that allows catches of stocks and videos without leaving the application. So far it not confirmed if the final version of the May update will also include official support for RAW. Earlier versions of Insider offers the ability to edit digital negatives on the Photos Windows application without additional software

Changes in the start menu:

According to "technoniks" from the start menu is less overloaded November updating Windows 11. It must also be possible to remove more applications preinstalled. Read here what they are. In addition, the start menu must run in its own process in the future: "StartMenuExperienceHost.exe" instead of "ShellExperienceHost.exe" as before. This will make it run more smooth and be less prone to problems that can arise from other processes in the system.

theme of light:

In the latest update of Windows, Microsoft also allowed dark mode for the Explorer. Now a theme of light, a light mode, you must follow. In the colors for the Action Center, so the Start menu and the taskbar is lighter. "Settings / Personalization / designs" can click light blue black "Windows (light)" to crow.

Microsoft separates Cortana Search:

voice assistant Cortana Microsoft no longer part of Windows Search. If you now type something in the search bar, you will get the results of the operating system. If you want to question Cortana, you have to click a separate button.

Updates can pause:

Users of Windows 11 Home Edition should be able to pause versions of a few days from the next version. Previously, the option was reserved for Windows 11 users Pro. Everyone has to use tricks to stop automatic updates of Windows 11.

Error screen solution demonstrations:

The "blue screen of death" appears each time Windows can not be used safely due to a problem. In the future, the error message also show solutions that users can try. Shou error messages Updates reserve space:

In the future, Windows must reserve seven gigabytes of system memory for temporary files. This is to prevent error messages to the download updates because there is no storage space.

feature "sandbox" is introduced:

Windows 11 users professionals should have access to the "sandbox" function. This is an environment that is protected from the rest of the system. Here you can try potentially dangerous programs, such as font files unsafe, without endangering the rest of the system.

Windows 11 mobile windows - for smartphones and tablets:

11 Windows Mobile is used in smartphones and tablets by private users. The same universal applications from Windows 11 Home are included. The new touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office is also included. You can also connect your smartphone to monitor your PC at home thanks to Continuum for your phone. Then Windows shows a custom desktop smartphone content. sufficient security settings must also be available for use in the workplace.


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