What is knox on samsung ? 

Knox is an integrated Suite of security features that protect sensitive data on an ox enabled device? The some protections are built into the hardware and software of the device while other knocks protections can be activated later.


Knox protection satisfied five principles

1. Software Integrity
2. Least Privilege 
3. Data Storage Protection 
4. Network Orotection
5. Data Isolation

Let's take a look at each and see how Knox protects your device. 

Integrity of platform software 

devices are pre-loaded with software from Samsung. This software can only be considered secure if it is from a trusted source and remains unchanged an attacker may attempt to make changes to the system software.

in order to bypass the security features protecting your data an Knox protected device can detect when modifications are attempted and block down sensitive data to prevent it from being leaked knocks includes features that ensure software integrity. Shooting secure boot trusted boot security enhancements for Android real-time kernel protection and periodic kernel measurements 

least privilege

software needs access to device resources such as data and peripherals in order to work properly if software has more privileges than it needs an attacker could exploit them to Cripple the system or steal sensitive data. the best way to prevent this is to ensure every software component has the minimum least privilege necessary that still lets it do its job. 

while Android provides some software restrictions not says the ability to lock down access to your data even more and when you attack submerge knocks devices can receive new software restrictions to block them Knox accomplishes all this with Knox workspace security enhancements for Android and SE Android policy updates.

data storage protection 

unprotected private data that is stored on the A device such as email photos and other downloads are attractive targets for hackers knocks provides protections that encrypt on device data, these protections include not sensitive data protection Knox workspace and on-device encryption.

Network protection

unprotected data that must travel across a network such as Wi-Fi cellular data or Bluetooth can be intercepted by hackers Enterprise device security can also be compromised if the Our exchanges data with a suspicious Source not provides Network encryption and protections that only allow trusted devices to connect to an Enterprise's servers additionally Knox provides Network encryption via the knocks BPM framework and additional security for web traffic like knocks HTTP proxy for over VPN 

data isolation

private data should be stored and managed Venus appears. Away from untrusted apps the Knox workspace is a secure container for apps and data any app or data stored in the Knox workspace is isolated from the rest of the device software separating private data ensures.

It won't be accidentally or maliciously viewed or leaked since only apps inside the workspace can access the data. It administrators can manage the Knox workspace and the apps and data that are protected by use of mobile device management or MDM software. 

Knox protect your device from security vulnerabilities. 

Some knocks protections are always active on Samsung devices and benefit both individual consumers and Enterprises many not security features focus on Enterprise needs. However, some pieces like my knots are just for consumers anyone can use the free my Knox app from the Google Play Store to create a simple unmanaged workspace for their private data. Knox is an integrated Suite 
Security features designed to protect data from a variety of attacks enabling Enterprises and consumers to trust their devices


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