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3 Devices As Good As Any Smart Device for a Home

3 Devices As Good As Any Smart Device for a Home

When you’re confronted with a conversation of smart devices, it’s almost always that a person immediately thinks of smart thermostats, smart lights or smart cameras. And can you blame them? These are the most commonly sought after smart devices in the domestic market.

There are different categories of smart devices – there’s kitchen appliances like smart refrigerators and smart ovens that come under a completely different price range and then the regular smart devices like lights, thermostats, video doorbells etc. But there are some other smart devices within the affordable, domestic category that homeowners tend to overlook, and if there’s one thing we can tell you, is that they are as good as any smart device to install in your homes, and much more efficient and better than their ordinary counterparts.

Here are 3 smart devices you should look into.

  1. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Not every electronic device or appliance in your home has to be smart. Running a smart home in general has its own requirements. But what you can do is use a smart plug instead to plug in certain appliances and devices that you wish to have access to remotely and wirelessly.

How does that work? Well, the Wemo Smart Plug is the perfect example to explain how smart plugs work. Anything that you plug into the Wemo Smart Plug, whether it is a space heater, a curling iron, a lamp or even a charger for your phone or laptop, you can switch the plug on or off from its mobile app wherever you’re seated. The plug is also voice assistant compatible, more so with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so it enables you to control the plug with voice commands too. Home automation in such an easy way, who would’ve thought?

That’s not all though. The Wemo Smart Plug has an “away mode” that can initiate control over any plugged in lamps when you’re away from home, to make it seem like the house isn’t empty. For the Wemo smart plug customer service at FirstEnergy Home can help you out with further questions should you have any.

  1. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller is what you need if you have a yard. We know how tough it is for homeowners to maintain their gardens and yards, especially when they don’t have much knowledge about certain aspects, or if they’re at work for most part of the day or even just travel often. So who’s going to look after the yard? This is where such a smart sprinkler controller comes in!

Bringing with it the best experience when it comes down to saving water, the Rachio 3 controller is probably a great investment you could make for your yard. With the Rachio mobile app, homeowners can now monitor and control their sprinkler system remotely – and yes that means even while you’re across country on a work trip. But that’s not all though, the device used Weather Intelligence Plus, a sort of advanced weather forecasting system that uses information from all the local weather stations in your area in order to water your yard to just the right amount as needed based on the weather – and adjust any set watering schedules should there be any rainfall expected in the day. How cool is that?

  1. Google Nest Protect

A smart smoke detector isn’t something that people usually consider buying when it comes down to actually purchasing smart devices to install in their homes. But honestly these are lifesavers.

The Nest Protect combines the function of ionization and photocell motion sensors and has the ability to pick up on anything from smoldering fires to fast burning fires, and even carbon monoxide leaks. And there isn’t any ordinary smoke detector in your home that can pick up on all three. This smart smoke detector also covers a wider range so even if it’s placed at a slight distance, know that the Nest Protect will do the job.

What’s more is that not only does the device itself sound the alarm upon detecting any potential hazard, it also sends an alert to your smartphones, and the device itself actually speaks up so you know where the problem really is. With the mobile app you can even turn down false alarms that are usually bothersome with regular smoke detectors. The Nest Protect even makes way for you in the dark with its soft green glow, if it detects any movement.

We hope this article gave you a better insight into more smart devices that actually exist within the domestic market. They are equally as good and useful as any other, and they are also a great investment into your home. Push aside the devices that you would get just to make your home seem cooler, and invest in ones that actually make a difference and are useful on the daily. Head on over to and browse through their smart home catalogue. You would find a lot of devices, at very reasonable prices.