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Barcode Printing: Most Common Barcode Printing Options

Barcode Printing: Most Common Barcode Printing Options

Many people find it hard to find the right barcode printer for their business since there are literally hundreds of brands and options available. You need to be aware of all the barcoding printing options available today in order to make the best choice for your business. This is important because the type of barcode printer you need largely depends. 

Most Common Barcode Printing Options

  • Continuous Inkjet Printers

These are among the most customizable barcode printers available on the market. They can be applied to almost any substrate you want. 

You can even use continuous inkjet printers on food inks to make sure that it is safe if it comes in contact with ingestible food products. These are very flexible printers. Continuous barcode printers operate very cleanly and are incredibly reliable. 

These barcode printers are capable of coping with long-hour operations, hence best for barcode printing. 

  • Large Character Barcode Printers

If you are interested in printing high-quality and high-resolution barcodes, then these printers are the best option you have got. They are very easy to set up and adjust. Most people don’t like pre-printer labels or boxes. 

Large character barcode printers are the best option for such people. These printers also come with high adhesion inks, which makes them perfect for printing on cardboard cartons. These printers ensure that the barcodes remain legible despite extensive handling.  

  • Industrial Barcode Printers

The best option, by all means, would be to go for industrial barcode printers, like the TSC Printers industrial barcode printer

These are incredibly useful for large-scale and durable barcode printing. In fact, these are regarded as the standard barcode printers by all industries and are among the most widely used barcode printers.

  • Thermal Printers

If you are into least-consumable and eco-friendly barcode printers, there may be no better option than thermal printers. 

These barcode printers are also incredibly user-friendly and are ideal for plastic films, plastic, foil, and flat packaging.


Every industry today would be incomplete if there were no barcoding technologies. Companies rely on storing and transmitting data, which is what barcodes are usually about. 

A good barcode printer is one that is capable of meeting the highest and most advanced coding standards. Usually, barcode printers are capable of printing on a variety of substrates. 

They also come with high capacities for customization and waste packaging abilities. The key to having a good barcode printer is to buy one that is exactly in accordance with your business needs.