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Raging Bull review

Raging Bull review

Today I spent two hours watching Raging Bull free online, feeling fantastic because this film has been a good movie typical, the film won the 53rd Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Editing, but the style of the film is very depressing and slightly uncomfortable for the viewing audience, this is because the film’s sense of reality is too strong, the audience in the process of watching too deep into the scene led to changes in emotions, so this film is the main sense of camera and authenticity of the film.

The film is a color film, yet the majority of the film scenes are shown in black and white, with only a few home videos in color, perhaps reflecting the failure and anxiety of the main character’s life.

The film is based on the real experience of former world middleweight champion Jack La Motta, about a generation of boxing champions Jack La Motta from success to failure in his life, the success of the film is that the film does not focus on the performance of the protagonist in the ring, but instead spends a lot of space to portray the boxing champion Jack La Motta in the life of paranoia, arrogance, suspicion and other bad emotions, so that people step by step to watch him give up The original lovers, grabbing brothers girlfriend until the final daily suspicion of cheating on his girlfriend and feelings collapse. We saw him step by step with the screen to the peak of his career, but also at the same time see his failure in life.

The character of the protagonist is just like the title of the film, like an angry bull never willing to listen to others, the trivialities of life let him become paranoid and angry, even in the boxing ring he can beat other opponents, but disobedient to the discipline he will never be reused by the mob, and finally die he had to become a bar stand-up comedian, at the end of the film in the mirror nostalgia for his former glory.

The tragedy of Jake La Motta is that he tries to fight his way through life with his brute strength and ends up with a bloody head, and as his power becomes more and more detached from his environment and destructive, self-destruction is inevitable. At the end of the film, La Motta looks into the mirror and reminisces about his life, when his inner defiance has been tinged with a deep sense of powerlessness, perhaps this peace is a slightly relieving state of mind – but still makes me sigh.

What caused La Motta’s self-destruction? The immediate cause was his mistrust of his wife and brother, and this insecurity contributed to his loss of control over violence, the so-called “fear leads to aggression”. The deeper reason, I think, is a narrow view of family and life. This must be related to his environment, or the lack of cultural insight, or is the Italian community’s accumulated gang power caused by the distortion of character, so La Motta’s tragedy, no doubt is also a microcosm of society.

This film is a recognized classic film and I recommend you to watch it. Of course, there are other movies worth watching. You can try 4khotvideo and watch free movies online.