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The Best User-friendly Online Trading App to Open a Free Demat Account

The Best User-friendly Online Trading App to Open a Free Demat Account

With the growth of online trading, people are looking for the best mobile apps for the share market. There are many Demat apps available on the Google play store. Choosing the best one can be hard for you. Here is one of the best mobile apps for the share market that you can use without facing any problem.

Finance and investment service companies like Kotak Securities have launched their Kotak stock trading app. Kotak stock trading app is one of the best mobile apps for the share market available in the Google Play Store. This app is rated the highest among all the trading applications in India. With this app, you can access live prices of Equity, Currency and Commodity markets and create a free Demat account. You can follow many Stock exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX, etc. With this app, you can go to watch the top 500 stocks.

Many features of this app will help you in trading and getting to know about stocks. You’ll get notifications about your favourite stocks. You can log in as a guest user for a lifetime.  Tips for buying or selling shares are available too. For a secure application, there is a 4-digit Mpin. You can follow live coverage and in-depth analysis of financial markets and the economy.

This application lets you find all the information about a company, like Key ratios, historical price charts, profit and loss, etc. Advanced technical graphs and charts will help you to study the market. The detailed trade book will help you track your holdings, profit and loss, net position, etc.

The New Kotak Stock Trader turns your smartphone into a powerful trading platform. You may trade in real-time, follow share prices in real-time, and get in-depth research evaluations of Indian stock markets. Their new, simple order form will help you trade without any hassle. They not only restored the fund transfer functionality but also included the ability to use regular bank transfer methods such as NEFT. You may enjoy unbroken trading sessions with biometric login and day-long sessions. They designed a universal access code that works across all trading platforms. Create it once and use it all day with no hassle.

Here are some of the most useful features that the Kotak stock trading app contains:

  1. Speed: The first thing you will be attracted to in this app is fast. The Kotak stock trading app will help you get your work done faster.
  2. Easily accessible interface: Investors always prefer easy access and apps no matter how experienced an investor is. Kotak stock trading app has a simple interface. This simple interface will help you to carry out complex trades. Moreover, this app is completely user-friendly. The app’s interface is easy for you to understand if you spend a little time over the app.
  3. Availability of Market Data: You should prefer the Kotak stock trading app to provide data about as many stock markets as possible. Having market data is like a strategy for making your trading better. Market data includes volumes, prices, bid-ask quotes, etc., about multiple stock markets.
  4. Notifications: You can’t keep an eye on the market trends constantly. That’s why getting notifications about live market trends is one of the most important features of a Mobile app for the share market. Kotak stock trading app sends you notifications regularly, making it one of the best apps for the share market.

Other than these, you get the benefits of biometrics, trade reports, secure payments, better charting software, easily manageable portfolio diversification, etc.

A Demat account mainly keeps securities and shares electronically. A Demat account is often referred to as a Dematerialized account. In other words, maintaining a Demat Account entails transforming or dematerializing your physical shares into an electronic representation—a Demat account stores electronic shares and assets of publicly listed firms.

To open a free Demat account with Kotak Securities, you must verify your email id or mobile number first. Then you will have to enter basic personal details and upload documents with Digi Locker. Finally, you will have to complete the e-sign to start your free Demat account.

Opening a free Demat account with Kotak Securities will help you in many ways. Kotak Securities don’t charge anything for brokerage on intraday trading. You’ll have to pay only 20 rupees per order to carry forward F&O trades. If you open a free Demat account with Kotak Securities, you won’t have to pay any percentage as commission on Direct Mutual Funds. Moreover, you will get the margin trading facility at just 11.49%. Kotak Securities uses stocks as a margin instead of a cash margin.