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The role of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry

The role of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry

The printed circuit boards are the primary components that used in a wide array of electronic devices and products that are sold in the market. These circuit boards have their applications in several industries, domains, and verticals. Thus the PCB manufacturing is one of the most widely industrial process for the production of high quality printed circuit boards in the market. 

When it comes to the PCB fabrication, some of the process associated with that are Creating PCB layer stackup through laminating (pressing and heating) board materials at considerably high temperatures, drilling hole for the mounting holes, via holes pins and the vias, removing or etching excess copper from surface layers for revealing pads and traces, the addition of protective coating to the surface or the solder masking, the polarity indicators and silkscreen printing reference, logos, or other related markings on surface. Optionally, an additional finish can be done to the copper areas of the surface.

Some of the different components that are mounted on the printed circuit boards are connectors, semiconductors, diodes, resistors, radio devices, and the capacitors, and these components communicate with each other through PCB. The printed circuit boards have electrical and mechanical attributes which make them ideal for the electronic applications. 

Most of the PCBs that are manufactured around the world tend to be rigid. There are some printed circuit boards though that are flexible, which allows the circuits to be folded and bent into the desired shape. Sometimes these circuit boards are used in a flexible setup where they survive thousands of the flex cycles without causing any break within the circuits. These flexible circuit boards roughly amount 10% of all the circuit boards that are manufactured globally.

There is a tiny subset of these circuit boards which are known as rigid flex circuits where one of the parts of the board is rigid which is ideal for mounting as well as connecting the components, and the other parts tend to be flexible, which provides the benefits of the flexible circuit boards. The conventional printed circuit boards can be simple with a single layer or they can have multiple layers of circuitry depending on the type of applications they are used in.

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