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How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

How To Determine If A Mobile Archiver POC Is Successful?

Both businesses and employees want to use more convenient forms of communication to facilitate transactions and other processes. Moreover, many prefer a multi-channel option since people use various ways to send messages. Apart from text messages and voice calls, people also use mobile apps like WeChat and WhatsApp.

However, these channels are not inherently compliant with mobile archiving regulations. Therefore, companies in the regulated sector need a third-party solution to securely and safely store messages to comply with mobile archiving laws. Compliance is also challenging for several firms since some employees use company-issued mobile devices while others bring their own devices.

Audits and mobile compliance assessments can happen anytime, and enterprises must be prepared for these events. Furthermore, failure to archive business-related mobile communication puts the company at risk not only for penalties but also cyberattacks.

Employees can fall victim to social engineering schemes like phishing, which enables hackers to enter corporate systems using the worker’s mobile device. Additionally, connecting to unsecured WiFi networks and accidentally downloading malicious apps present threats to organizations that allow their staff to interact on mobile devices.

Finding the right mobile archiver can be challenging for enterprises, especially with so many providers in the market. Regulated companies need a solution that can securely deliver communication content from the employee’s mobile device to the archival server. It should also be able to support multiple channels and network carriers for due diligence to regulatory compliance.

For example, TeleMessage’s AT&T archiving solution records SMS and MMS directly from the AT&T mobile network for corporate employees. It also enables organizations to store and retain mobile text messages on-premise or in the cloud. With AT&T message archiving, companies can address compliance requirements effectively and securely.

Enterprises not only need a working mobile archiver, but they must ensure that it is successful. For more information on the matter, keep reading this infographic provided by TeleMessage that discusses how to determine a successful mobile archiver POC.