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What are cloud development platforms?

What are cloud development platforms?

A cloud development platform can be described as the operating system and hardware of a web server in an internet-based information and storage centre. It allows software applications, IoT applications, and equipment items to co-exist at a scale from different and remote locations. Cloud advancement involves well establishing a cloud. This further includes designing of cloud, planning, arranging, implementing, and structuring cloud delivery versions. These cloud delivery versions are Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Product as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud development platforms are immensely growing high demanded technology in the Information Technology industry. Moreover, technologies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), web app hosting, or mobile app hosting needs much computing power in terms of performance and storage. 

Cloud development platforms or cloud computing systems allow businesses to construct the internal framework of the application. It provides the advantage of a scalable computer to any user, based on the plug and plays feature. 

Cloud development platforms are among the most popular modern technologies with very high demand and qualified specialist developers.

Various cloud development platforms:

There are numerous cloud development platforms present on the internet today. Each one has its own requirements and popularity among users. Some of the cloud development platforms are mentioned below.

  1. Google Cloud Platform: Google offers its public cloud computing facilities with the name of Google Cloud System or GCP. It provides solutions in all major technology fields that involve calculating, networking, storage, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Likewise, GCP also has tools for cloud management, security, and the growth of the business. The Google Cloud Storage (GCS) space is an absolute dynamic storage service that can easily sustain SQL (Cloud SQL) and NoSQL (Cloud Datastore) data storage sources.
  2. Com Internet Solutions cloud platform: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a subsidiary of Amazon, a popular e-commerce site. Under the umbrella scheme of AWS, Amazon offers highly demanded cloud computing systems like storage space, information analysis, and much more to count. Amazon or AWS lends its services to individuals, businesses, and governments too. Amazon’s Internet Services enables its clients to enjoy a full-fledged online cluster of computer systems at any point in time, based upon their requirements. The whole solution is made possible via the internet. Alexa Voice Service is one of the Cloud-based IoT services of AWS.
  3. Microsoft Azure cloud platform: Microsoft Azure or formerly called Windows Azure, is a cloud computing solution by Microsoft. This cloud platform shows to be a trustworthy option, specifically for Microsoft revivalists. Like other cloud platforms, it also supports the development, update, testing, deployment, and monitoring of applications and solutions.
  4. IBM Bluemix cloud platform: IBM Bluemix is the cloud-computing service and cloud development platform presented by IBM that features the Platform as a Service (PaaS) along with an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings. Any individual can, or organization can deploy as well as access virtualized compute power, storage space as well as networking utilizing the internet with IBM’s Bluemix IaaS. Depending upon the organization’s requirements, the IBM Bluemix solution offerings can be used as a public, private or hybrid model.
  5. Alibaba cloud platform: It is the cloud initiative of the Chinese eCommerce site, Alibaba. The Alibaba cloud services dominate the Chinese market and have origins all around the world. It is often considered the most difficult competitor of AWS.

IoT and cloud technology:

The increasing use of cloud technologies has given subsequent rise to IoT devices and services. Nowadays, in every household, we can see IoT devices such as voice assistants, smart lighting such as LED color changing string lights that can be controlled through a smartphone or by using different gestures. 


In the Information Technology industry, Cloud development platform is one of the fastest-growing technologies and increasing the potential of existing technologies.