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Features To Look For In A Professional Managed Website Service Plan

Features To Look For In A Professional Managed Website Service Plan

Today public websites use wide databases, embed videos, social media icons, and a variety of features on their web page. It seems like the latest version of Web 2.0 generation. User-generated content used is interoperable. The website is integrated with several 3rd party systems and services. The websites belonging to the 2nd & 3rd decades are compatible to be used on every device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPods, PC, etc. 

Web developers and designers used to create websites, manage web pages, ongoing site maintenance, troubleshoot, and offer technical support. The site owners just used a hosting company as online depositories. Technology development led to the designing automation panels like CMS that has made server-side maintenance and hosting accounts management too easy. 

WordPress allows businesses to create, publish as well as edit content using a visual interface. Nevertheless, as development progresses the management process has increased. It includes website security, regular plugin themes, WP core updates, etc. Some tasks are simple but backend management needs caution because a little error and website functioning will suffer. To avoid any glitches, it is sensible to hire website management services like Set My Site. 

Features included in managed website service package

Website management includes services associated with website building, maintaining, updating, and security. Managed websites are a great option for SMBs tight on budget and incapable to add a dedicated team but need an updated, professional website. Outsourcing website management relieves the business owner and staff from the tech responsibilities. They can focus on crucial core activities essential for business growth. 

The features to look for in a managed website service plan are given below. It includes –

Web designing & development

The basic feature in a managed website service plan is website creation and going live on the World Wide Web. The professional team has the necessary knowledge to create a well-optimized website that is affordable.

Domain acquisition

A domain name is essential to set your business presence online. There is tough competition in obtaining globally recognized, creditable good domains suitable to your brand as they have possibly been claimed. The professionals do the heavy task like searching for the best available domain and acquiring it.

Hosting plan

Hosting service is necessary to go live on the internet. There are multiple types of hosting plans available. It can seem technically complex but with managed website plan the headache can be avoided. The outsourced managed website service usually offers a hosting plan. It means the professionals will handle the server-side and hosting account-side management. It includes HTML coding, SEO, Meta tag optimization, software updates, CMS & database management, etc.

Maintenance & security

Cyber-attacks aimed at organizations are escalating. Therefore it is essential to have experts monitoring your website against malware and hackers. The professionals set robust firewalls as well as if they detect anything take action instantly. Web space consistently changes, so webmasters need to create patches consistently to software that fuels your website including WP core, themes, plugins, and other software.

Business owners can choose analytic & reporting, SEO, and digital marketing services in their managed website service plan. It ensures that your website is managed properly and there are no security holes, abandoned content, and neglected software upgrades!