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How To Use Email Marketing to Promote a Business

How To Use Email Marketing to Promote a Business

Practically every mobile user has an email account, which is required to download an application. Email users make up a huge demographic, and it’s a large market that you can cover. It’s also a one-on-one experience, which makes it a great option for marketing to people but on a huge scale. 

Many businesses believe that it’s one of the best streams for communication with both new and old customers. If you’re running a company and either want to achieve success in email marketing or haven’t had great luck with it, here’s how you can do so:

Send Well-Designed Emails

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when sending out marketing emails is sending plain, boring-looking emails that many people will just skip altogether. If you want to make a solid impression, it’s smart to have a well-designed email that catches people’s attention. Many people end up subscribing to newsletters and promotional emails but don’t actually read them because they might not be appealing to them.

Depending on the niche of your industry and other elements, you can work with a variety of themes that meet your brand’s theme while still being prominent in an otherwise full inbox.

Keep a Consistent Brand Identity

As previously stated, people often don’t read emails properly. In many cases, they might not be going through their favorite brand’s newsletter if it isn’t evident to them that it’s from them. This is why it’s important that you don’t send out a generic marketing email. 

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Companies have a proper template for their emails, which consists of a set of typefaces that they use, and some graphics and images that they incorporate. They can tell right away that a particular company has sent the email, and it will have something that’s worth their time. All of these things make the recollection of information more convenient

Promotional Emails

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Or maybe an offer on products that they can’t refuse? People are more likely to respond to promotional emails because you’ve introduced a tempting offer. If you’ve given them an incentive, people will be interested in what you have to offer. You don’t always have to be giving away things, either. 

Keeping users in the loop with product news and any new developments for your services can also be engaging for people. It’s smart to use clean, detailed graphics to make the information digestible for the public. Try to incorporate links to ensure that you have a good click rate as well.

Using Images

The age-old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words is true. People can often be overwhelmed by their inbox, and you might make it a bit more complicated by sending them chunks of wordy passages. Instead of writing things down, rely on images wherever you can. While you can get away with royalty-free images once in a while, the real selling point comes from using custom images and illustrations.

If you’ve got any promotions that you want to give extra emphasis on, it would be a great idea to use illustrations where you can to improve readability and get the message across with graphic design services.

Keep It Concise

People don’t have time to read long emails. The average reader won’t scroll to the bottom to find that tempting red button that leads them to your website if it takes them too long to get there. You should present all the necessary information without making it too verbose. 

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As previously mentioned, incorporate some graphics and illustrations to elaborate a detailed idea in fewer words. Keeping the email down to 100 words or so will generally be adequate for retaining user attention while still getting any necessary information across.

Timing Is Key

It’s necessary that you send your emails out at the right time. While there’s no set-in-stone answer that works for everyone, and you do need to perform some A/B testing, your answer may vary heavily on your niche too. If you’re selling something related to sports, you’d want to send them out when people might have time to think about and engage in outdoor games. 

If you’re selling a mattress, it’s best to time the email to when people think of hitting the hay. Ultimately, the goal is to figure out when more people are likely to take the message more seriously.


Think of the process as writing to one person instead of a thousand. It allows you to focus on the individual’s needs, and most people will resonate with the same message. This allows the designers and writers to come up with content that’s more specific and can lead to better engagement. 


While email marketing is an effective tool as it allows you to directly get in touch with a customer, it’s equally complicated due to how people react to emails. It’s recommended that businesses put more thought and attention into their email marketing plans to ensure that they’re effective. 

Personalizing the messages that you send out, making them more accessible by providing information in a digestible form, and giving the reader a good reason to go through the text is essential for success when it comes to email marketing.